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Características de las ventanas con EuroFutur Elegance


Las ventanas fabricadas con este sistema incorporan los últimos avances en ingeniería de perfiles para conseguir los máximos niveles de aislamiento y resistencia. EuroFutur Elegance es la última generación de perfiles KÖMMERLING y sus prestaciones superan los niveles conocidos hasta ahora.

Pero EuroFutur Elegance no sólo destaca por sus características técnicas sino también por su depurada estética de suaves formas. Cuenta  con una extensa variedad de marcos, hojas y accesorios ofreciendo soluciones para todos los estilos y dando un toque de distinción a cualquier ambiente.



"EuroFutur Elegance" – a new window system for high demands on function and design.

"EuroFutur Elegance" – a new multi-chamber system with a constructional depth of 70 mm sets new standards for the aesthetic of plastic window systems. With the elegant chamfered frame and sash profile edges and its individual appealing style, Euro Futur Elegance catches the spectator's eye. Even boring facades are markedly upgraded and get a completely new face.
The system comprises numerous frame, sash, transom/mullion and add-on profiles and thus offers nearly unlimited design options.
However, Euro Futur Elegance is also a top system from a technical point of view. The innovative, maximum dimension steel reinforcement with excellent thermal insulation properties is one of the main system features.
With its thermal transmittance value Uf of 1.4 W(m²K) low-energy building standards can be achieved even with low-cost two layer glazing types.
The system is also a profitable investment with regard to sound insulation and protection against burglary: The perceived noise level is dimmed to 10 % with standard glazing already. The fittings are fixed in the profile and solidly screwed into the steel reinforcement, offering a high basic security. It is possible to manufacture windows of burglar resistance classes WK1 and WK2.
Furthermore, the system is ecologically exemplary: Kömmerling brand has been the first major producer of PVC window systems to use, besides recycling material, exclusively lead-free, ecofriendly stabiliser systems on a calcium-zinc basis