Greenline House

Wide range of colours for individual designs

Twinson decking boards and finishing profiles are available in up to eight different attractive, natural colours. 
Give your creativity free rein.

0506 Apricot-brown High 0522 Walnut High 0503 Hazelnut-brown High 0504 Bark-brown High
506 / Apricot Brown 522 / Walnut Brown 503 / Hazelnut Brown 504 / Bark Brown
0505 Turf-brown High 0509 River-stone-grey High 510 Schiefergrau klein 0502 Liquorice-black High
505 / Turf Brown 509 / Riverstone Grey 510 / Slate Grey 502 / Liquorice Black


Decking boards made of the Twinson wood-plastic composite will change colour after they have been installed or stored outdoors. This process is accelerated by rain and ultraviolet rays. However, after this natural weathering process the colour stabilises (as shown in the box above), and colour fastness is guaranteed. If differences in colour appear after installation, these will also even out after a short time under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Please note: water marks/stains may appear on covered or partially covered areas. Our cleaning instructions can be found under downloads.